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Traverse Winders

We offer a broad range of electronic oscillating-shaft traverse winders in various designs and load capacities. They are ideally suited for winding of profile stock, wire or stripping on spools or drums. Also available as multiple winders.

  • Transport units
  • With or without automatic paper interleaving


We supply coiling units for spools and coils in a wide variety of designs, ideally suited for wire, profile stock, raw strips and punched/embossed strips. Our product range includes:

  • Wire winders
  • Horizontal and vertical coilers
  • Motor-driven coilers/decoilers for contactless loop operation
  • Constant-tension coilers/decoilers, winding-computer controlled
  • Recoilers/decoilers, brake-equipped (electric / mechanical)

Our vast experience with coiling units for strip and wire ovens and continuous casting lines is yours to profit from.


  • PW 58-300 paper interlayer winder with rotary-field motor and PVC drum
  • Pneumatic contact-pressure arm
  • Strip-edge positioning control

Custom and special-purpose traverse winders and coilers are available in precise accordance with your requirements.

Wire unwinder

Horizontal strip winder


We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and will offer you the right solution for the specific job at hand. Our machines and systems are designed in exact accordance with your specifications.