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MARO - Roller Mills & Demandrelers

Roller mills are used to work metals, for example in sheet metal processing and jewellery processing. They process as variety of products including steel, copper, gold and titanium strips and sheets as wire, tubes, rod stock and profiled parts.

Our roller mills are available as : 2-roller mills | 4-roller mills | Reversible roller mills in mechanical and electromechanical designs


DW120WK roller mill


MRLW1-23 roller mill

Demandreler / decoring machine for tubing

MRLW20-80 roller mill

Demandreler / decoring machine for tubing


Profiled roller mill


We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and will offer you the right solution for the specific job at hand. Our machines and systems are designed in exact accordance with your specifications.