Advanced Automation Solutions

MARO – Your Partner for Automation

Our automation solutions cover the entire spectrum of automation including project planning, installation, commissioning and servicing of control and switchgear systems. Available in a range of versions from "low-cost" to "high-tech", our systems are designed in close consultation with our customers in exact accordance with their needs and requirements.

Application Areas

  • Drive motor controls for winder drives with tension control, roller feed systems, conveyor systems
  • Reversable roller mills with coil winders, cladding mills
  • Continuous casting systems, conductive heating units
  • Slitting lines and chopping lines for strips and panels
  • µP controls for positioning, laying, cutting to length and synchronization control
  • Processing machines (e.g. rotary indexing tables)
  • Controls for special-purpose machines and machine systems
  • Modernization of existing machine systems

Our Range of Automation Products and Services

Switchgear Cabinets

The better machines are integrated and coordinated in their control and operation, the higher their productivity will be.

For more than 50 years we have been manufacturing control cabinets and control systems with great success. We cut no corners, making them from products and components from renowned manufacturers in order to offer solutions of the highest quality. Use of the right switchgear cabinet is a key prerequisite for optimum working processes. When you come to us, you get the exact control systems and components you need to meet your operational requirements.



We provide programming for standard machines and systems as well as special-purpose machinery. Using various project configuration tools, we create and implement plant-specific software in accordance with your requirements. We offer programming for new systems as well as for integration or modernization of existing systems (e.g. S5 controls) according to your operating conditions and specifications.


Remote Maintenance

Our remote maintenance services make troubleshooting "a snap".

Remote maintenance is a powerful tool for quick and precise malfunction resolution.

Please feel free to contact us by telephone or e-mail for spot-on technical advice and support to get your systems up and running again.


Extend Your Machines' Service Life!

Modernization of existing machines and systems, including those of other makes.

Modernization is considerably more cost-effective than the purchase of an equivalent machine. As a rule of thumb, it reduces the required investment volume by roughly 30%. The retrofit retains the existing mechanical technologies in your system while replacing and upgrading the automation and control technologies with state-of-the-art electronics. Components are cleaned, maintained and repaired as necessary.

Retrofitting …

  • Increases production output and quality
  • Reduces downtime and required maintenance
  • Complies with valid safety standards and regulations


We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and will offer you the right solution for the specific job at hand. Our machines and systems are designed in exact accordance with your specifications.